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Friday, February 23, 2018

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 Click the Image below to see the detail for Dataran Square Tower [heritage]

Click The Image below link to the Hotel Tower

Click the image  below link to SL Church Blog

click the image below link to Sim City Blog


Touch the image link to Apartment support Website

Touch the image link to Hotel support Website

Touch the image link to Tiki Island Pack support website

Touch the image link to Hillside Chalet support Website

Touch the image below link to 512-Four Seasons tree house website

Touch the image link to Water Chalet support Website

Touch the image link to Chalet 512 support Website

Touch the image link to Mega Store support Website

Touch the image link to SKY II support website

Touch the image link to VR Modern House II support Website

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Touch the image link to Modern House III support Website

Touch the Semi Detached House link to Support website .

Touch the Tiki Lounge photo link to support website

Touch The Water Chalet 8 Units II link to support website.

Touch Image Link Sky box Retail Store 21 prims


Capsule Tour Rezzer Platform/Tour Ship.

by Lim Pikajuna

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#100% Mesh -Rezzer platform
#100% sculpted prim - Tour Ship
# Platform - 7 land Impact
#Tour Ship -6 land Impact
#3 passengers seat for the  Ship
#including rezzer script.sit script ,sit poses.tour script and route script.
#Platform come with .texture map and shadow.

#click the tour ship signboard to rez the capsule tour ship
#click the ship's wing to start ride.

...warning... please setup the route before take a tour.
## Please watch the Video tutorial for setup the tour ship route:-


by Lim Pikajuna

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Click HERE to see the item in world secondlife

# 100% Mesh
# 64 meter X 64 meter = 4096 Land
# 136 land impacts
# 1. Go Kart Track,
   2. 2 storey spectators seats building ,
   3. Elevator ,
   4. Helipad
   5.Terrain /grass,
   6. Tunnel /led colorful light
   7. Race Track Fence
   8. Road Sign
   9. mini billboard
  10. Game Light board
  11. score board
  12. Go kart Rezzer [8 difference color]
  13. Tire Barrier,
  14. circuit main entrance.
 15. Stadium Lamp post [Stadium Floodlights]
 16. teleport system. click  Stadium Lamp post will sent you back to the circuit center.
 17.Environment Sound--ambient / crowd sound /Horn /gun fire sound

# All the texture map is in the Object Content [Full Perm]

** Vendor**  you can delete it anyway. it only 5 land impact

2  Vendor  at kart service room .. [you can earn 20% of every sale form there]

## GAME ##

1. rezzer Go Kart [car]--Speed Lap
2. click -- "click me to countdown " [Game Over]
     to start the game .

3. 98 second for a game [ how many speed lap for 98 second]
4. or racing.

How to setup the Elevator :-

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Romantic boat ride for couple

by Lim Pikajuna

Row boat ride only 5 prims
use sculpted prim,
click the boat and sit to ride the boat.
than click again the boat to get a Oar and wear.[Oar is copy able,so any one can rice your boat]
there had 2 animation poses.
thank again and ride together with your love one.

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Click here visit in world

watch video here

TukTuk Tour Cart -Rezzer

by Lim Pikajuna

Tuk Tuk Tour  Cart

*** Important***
Please try the car in Inworld before buying
[We have provided a place for you to test a cart]

Click HERE to buy at SL Marketplace
Click HERE to see in world second life

# 100% MESH
# 4 land impacts for rezzer.
# 7 land impact for Tuk Tuk Tour Cart
# 7 seater  and sit poses
# 3 colors selected -33/88/15
# easy to control a car
Gas / forward ↑ or W
Brake/Backward ↓ or S
Steer Left ← or A
Steer Right → or D
# Public access..anyone can drive.
#click the tail lamp for horn sound. 
#7 prim counted when rezzing the car
# it will disappear when people left the car. unlimited rez.
# different sound of motors depending on the action
#6 seat for Passenger
#Vehicles are low prims, so there is no attachment
*** How to start drive a car **
-Just rez the rezzer
-touch the remote to select the color for your car.
-Touch the Diver seat to start drive.
-anyone can rezz and ride the car

the car driver has to click on the Driver seat to drive
before taking a passenger. if not it will disappear.
It will disappear when car driver leaving the car.

copy/mod version
scripts and poses in copy perm only

********No refund on Copied items**********

Please watch the video for more details or visit our website.

Solar Paddle Boat

 by Lim Pikajuna.

Watch Video HERE
buy the Boat at Marketplace  click HERE
visit in-world click HERE 

Solar Paddle Boat......TOUR BOAT

# Boat-100% Mesh
# 15 prim [land impacts]

- 100%Mesh
- driven menu
- Access= owner and  Public
- 6 seater/standing animation poses for Passenger

###How To ride a Boat####
-Rez a boat
-Touch the Boat Steering start ride.**Important*
-anyone can ride the Boat ----if you  select public in permission


-Transfer version

[After sit on the boat ,Click the boat to pop up the driven menu]or right click select "touch"
-Vehicle access....Public and Owner
-Boat Speed....High,Medium and Low

1.touch "Boat steering" to drive boat...WASD key
2.touch the "railing" to stand at front deck board
3.touch " Chair" to sit at  front line seat
4.touch " glass" to sit  at front line too
5.touch "boat body" to sit at second line
6.touch "yellow sign [7MPH]" stand beside the driver.

### F&Q #####

Question: can i use this boat at my sky box

answer: yes ,this boat can ride at linden water ,land  and sky [sky box].