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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Thankyou For purchase my Product


 Click the Image below to see the detail for Dataran Square Tower [heritage]

Click The Image below link to the Hotel Tower

Click the image  below link to SL Church Blog

click the image below link to Sim City Blog


Touch the image link to Apartment support Website

Touch the image link to Hotel support Website

Touch the image link to Tiki Island Pack support website

Touch the image link to Hillside Chalet support Website

Touch the image below link to 512-Four Seasons tree house website

Touch the image link to Water Chalet support Website

Touch the image link to Chalet 512 support Website

Touch the image link to Mega Store support Website

Touch the image link to SKY II support website

Touch the image link to VR Modern House II support Website

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Touch the image link to Modern House III support Website

Touch the Semi Detached House link to Support website .

Touch the Tiki Lounge photo link to support website

Touch The Water Chalet 8 Units II link to support website.

Touch Image Link Sky box Retail Store 21 prims


Sunday, April 8, 2018

1 prim Oak Tree with Script Moving

By Secondbiz Engineer

17 meter high Oak Tree


#100% Mesh
# only 1 land impact
# size : 14m X 14m X 17 meter high
# use texture moving script
# including texture map - branches,leaves and shadow
# copy and modify version fot prim
# copy version for script.
# full perm for texture map.
No refund for copy able item

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Fashion Retail Store [ sky-box]

By Andyy Zapatero

Skybox Retail Store  for Fashion ,hair , jewelry,skin and other Business ,

 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Fashion-Retail-Store-V10/14279206 https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seatallan/239/168/1205


#100 mesh
# 32 meter X 19 meter X 10 meter
# Only 26 Land Impacts
# Building Structure :-
 ,sky-box shell,windows glass,elevator door,wall counter,staircase
 wooden vertical blind,city scenery screen,main entrance door,
 wall poster,[script] teleport into store,with lighting

# Not including :-
 Plant, Logo and texture.

No refunds on copied items. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cex Bed [600 animation pose]

CEX Bed-600 animation-

by Secondbiz Engineer.

click HERE buy at SL Marketplace
click HERE to see in-world second life

#100% Mesh
# only 7 land impact [Prims]
#-round bed-blanket-pillow-back wall design-shelve-cabinet and lighting.
#come with texture map and  1 shadow map.[full perm]

Free Item

Buy one  free one [CEX Bed V2]without canopy.
#100%mesh-7 LI-600animation pose-texture map-on/off blanket-
 # 600 animation poses and sound.
#Group[3 person/4 person]-Boy/Girl - Lesbian - Gay - Fore and After ,Cuddles.
# please watch the YouTube video for the animation pose.
# tried it in-world second life.

How to remove the blanket.

1. touch the blanket.
2.the menu pop out-select "Extras"
3.then click the "Blanket on/off" to remove or keep it.


this video is without modify the time frame speed .


Rentals Help [[please reset rental bot after rez the chalet]

[use chat commands]
please click and enable editmode rental before typing commands!!!

set price ? | sets price of space to whatever ? is
[Example] set price 256? is

set weeks ? | sets weeks to whatever ? is
[Example] set weeks 5? is

set prims ? | sets prims to whatever ? is
[Example] set prims 25? is

set offset ? | sets info box offset to whatever ? is
[Example] set offset <129>? is

set renter ? | sets name of renter to whatever ? is
[Example] set renter Jaens Ah? is

set offset ? | sets info box offset to whatever ? is
[Example] set offset <129>? is

set rentedfor ? | sets how long rented for in days:hours:mins:seconds this info is put where ? is
[Example] set rentedfor 5day:4hours: 20mins:20second? is

renters can now pay for extra weeks while in use
displayed exact time left to renters and owner

now IM's user on expire

rental board change to green is "Vacant"
Rental Board change to red is "Occupies"

remember to disable Edit Mode when all done.

How to pay the rental bot
right click the rental bot ,select pay,
select how many week to pay.
If the tenant pay the wrong price ,the rental bot will pay back [return] the money.